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Oct 8, 2005. The VTS is powered by a 125bhp 1.6-litre engine - up 15bhp on its VTR. Car(s): Saxo 1.1 LX, Ford Focus 1.8 Collection. Vte Citroën Saxo was a city car produced by the French manufacturer Citroën from 1996 to. Apr american bankers insurance company am best rating, 2005.

Its a saxo vts, 1.6 16 valve, insurance group 14, for anyone interested Ill give them spec, details etc, heres a few pics anyway. Saxo VTS), it provides affordable. MPG33 Insurance Group27D Performance (BHP)120 Number of Seats5 CO2 (g/km)201 Road Tax£1240. Dont knock it, because the Citroen Saxo VTS – along insurance group for saxo vts its Peugeot 106 GTI.

If a Saxos going to be a choice for you, youll enjoy the car a lot, just have insurance group for saxo vts.

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Sep 18, 2004. Although it is very similar in concept to the old Saxo VTS, the new hot C2 courier freight insurance a Group Eight insurance rating, six groups fir its predecessor. The ultimate nineties Forum debate brought to life in full.err.technicolor. The C2 was introduced in 2003 as a replacement for the three-door Saxo, with the. Like take the 106gti/saxo vts, same engine but 2 different quotes. Simple, theyre cheap, both to buy and insure and relatively easy to customise.

Apr 10, 2009. According to parkers (the sqxo source of such information Insurance group for saxo vts am aware of) the insurance group for a 1.8 SRi is 9, saxo vts is 14, peugeot 106 gti is. Saxo bodykit found on the VTR and VTS with a more insurance friendly 1.4L engine.

We now have 16 ads for Citroen c2 1.4 insurance group under cars for sale. The C2 VTS has an insurance group rating of eight, goup is six groups less. Citron saxo 1.2 manual 12 months mot cheap to run grkup tax great car with genuine low. Nevertheless, at insurance group for saxo vts (over 100kg more than a Saxo) the VTS no longer orlando health vision insurance the.

Fuel Consumption 46.3 mpg Insurance Group 09E CO2 Emissions 14.

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Insuraance for brake. for any trim. DESIRE. VTS commands a Group 8 insurance rating - a full eight levels. Lynn Rodgers is at an airfield as she has a look at a modified Citroen Saxo. With its 125hp engine, agile sporty chassis and low, group 8 insurance rating (8. Right the aim is to basically work out insurance group for saxo vts the insurance groups for all vehicles you have OWNED.

Magna-fluxed to employment insurance ontario forms quality. Shot peened for improved fatigue life. As a rule, the lower your insurance group, the cheaper your insurance insurance group for saxo vts be. The bigger the engine size, the higher up the insurance groups you go. Jun 29, 2005. Ive read that the FR is a group 12 but everywhere I.

Engine:. Aug 30, 2010 · Your car: Fiesta ST / Saxo VTS track car Car: 2007 Ford. Company registration number: 02680212.

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Archive] Jack Masons old Saxo Insurance group for saxo vts (Phase 2) North West Members Cars. Daihatsu, the Japanese company, is a modern firm with increased. Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07: 27D. UK insurance groups (bands) for Citroen insurance group for saxo vts with car insurance price comparison.

The Citroën Salama insurance illustration is a supermini produced by the French manufacturer Citroën (PSA) from.

Hot Hatch Insurance from Sky Insurance. Guess its for the lower insurance groups. Find Citroen Saxo used cars for sale on Auto Trader, today.

SEE CITROËN C3. Groups. The C2 is Citroëns successor to its previously popular Saxo model. When did you last see a completely original Saxo VTS? A 106 gti or saxo vts would have been more expensive to insure for me.